36th Annual
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Time & Place | Mission Statement | The Athletic Foundation & 49er Club
Goal For the 36th Annual Great Gold Rush Auction


The 36th Annual Great Gold Rush Auction will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019 in Halton Arena, which is located inside the Barnhardt Student Activity Center at UNC Charlotte. The silent auction begins at 5:30PM and will be followed by the live auction program at approximately 8:30PM.  A food extravaganza will be available throughout the evening.


The mission of the Great Gold Rush Auction is to raise scholarship funds from the donation of merchandise and monies from individual and corporate entities and to increase the awareness of Charlotte 49ers Athletics.

The Athletic Foundation and 49er Club

The Athletic Foundation provides scholarship assistance to over 399 male and female student-athletes participating in 17 sports. Established in 1969, the organization has developed into a vitally important support group for the Athletic Department, pursuing excellence, integrity, and pride in the University's athletic program through fund raising and ambassadorship in the Charlotte community.

The Athletic Foundation raises money for the development of the athletic program and the student-athlete scholarship fund. The ultimate goal of the Athletic Foundation is to fully fund all student-athlete scholarships and programs to the limits provided by the NCAA, and to increase awareness of Charlotte 49ers Athletics locally and nationally. The Great Gold Rush Auction is crucial in the fulfillment of this goal.

The 49er Club, the Foundation’s official booster organization, offers membership to both individuals and businesses. Contributions go directly to the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Scholarship Fund. Your support not only provides educational and athletic opportunities to worthy young people, but provides you valuable benefits as well. Please direct all inquires about the 49er Club to the Athletic Foundation at 704-687-4950.

Goal for the 36th Annual
Great Gold Rush Auction

The ultimate goal of the Great Gold Rush Auction is to assist with scholarship needs of all Charlotte 49er student-athletes. Keeping our present student-athletes in school and being able to recruit for the future is of utmost importance. There will be more than 1,400 items totaling in excess of $400,000 for bid. We anticipate having 600 attendees at the event.

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